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How to: DIY Candles in a Jar to brighten up your home

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Whether you’re into wellness or interior design, candles are a great way to bring life and scent into your home. Buying candles ready made can be expensive – and the scents are often not quite suited to personal taste – which is why DIY candles in a jar are the perfect solution.

Making DIY candles in a jar – what you’ll need

Soy wax flakes

Wax colorant (solid or liquid form)

A wooden spoon

Wicks and stickums

Sticks and rubber bands

Scented oils



The right glass jars

You could make DIY candles in just about any jar. However, if you’re looking for premium aesthetics and you want to ensure the candle lasts as long as possible then picking a high quality jar in the right shape will be crucial. We’d recommend our 224ml Oval Jar for candles that make beautiful gifts, for example, or the 280ml Hex Jar if you’re looking to create beautiful DIY candles for your home.

Getting started

Prepare the wick.Getting the wick in the right place is key to ensuring that your DIY candles will burn for as long as possible. Measure the distance between the base of the jar and the point at which you want the wick to be visible and then cut it to size. Smooth the wick and then attach it to the stickum.

Secure the wick.Once you’ve attached the stickum to the base of the jar you’ll need to secure the wick in place for the process of pouring the wax. Secure the wick between two sticks, bind with rubber bands and then lay the sticks across the opening to the jar. Doing this will ensure that the wick remains in place and visible when you add the wax.

Prepare the wax.Take your soy wax flakes and then melt them down on a low heat. It’s important that you don’t allow the wax to boil. Once all the flakes are completely melted you can add any colouring for your candles, as well as the scent. Be sure to note how much of both are required for the amount of wax you’re using so that you don’t end up with a candle that is under scented and coloured – or over.

Cooling the wax. It takes up to 30 minutes to allow the wax to cool enough to be ready to work with so set this aside and leave.

Pouring the wax.The cool wax should be thick in consistency and should pour easily into the glass jar. When you’re pouring the wax make sure you leave the end of the wick poking out of the top.

Finishing the candle.All that’s left to do now is trim the wick to around half an inch above the wax itself. At this point you can also add any finishing touches to the glass jar, such as ribbon or labels.

We have a range of glass jars that are ideal for DIY candles, as well as options for home brews and jams – you’ll find them all here.


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