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Why is recycling glass jars important ?

The alternative is landfill

If you throw your glass jars out in the regular rubbish they will end up in landfill. Our landfill sites are already overcrowded and filled with many materials that cannot be recycled. Glass doesn’t need to end up there and will take thousands of years to break down. However, if you recycle your glass jars they could be reused within as little as 30 days and won’t go anywhere near landfill.

Glass is a genuinely useful material

As one of the few container materials that won’t interact with whatever is inside it, glass is incredibly useful, whether as a recycled water bottle or for your homemade products. This is because glass is made from components such as sand and limestone and these tend to have a much lower rate of chemical interaction with substances than other materials, such as many of those used in plastics. You can also reuse glass for a very broad range of purposes, from creating a flower vase, to making decorative tiles.

When you recycle glass jars it really does make a difference

Old glass jars can make up as much as 70% of a new glass container, considerably reducing the need for raw ingredients. For every ton of glass that gets recycled, around a ton of the raw ingredients that would be required to make new glass is saved. Around 80% of all glass that gets recycled will be put to use in a new glass container.

Glass is 100% recyclable

It’s one of the few genuinely sustainable materials out there. You can recycle glass again and again and you won’t see any drop in the quality of the glass each time you do it.

It takes more energy to make new glass

The process of making glass from scratch creates the need for lots of raw ingredients and uses a lot of energy too – raw materials must be heated to 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit. As well as all that energy consumed, the process of making new glass can create a lot of pollution. When glass is being recycled it is first crushed down to create a material called “cullet” – this melts at a lower temperature than the raw ingredients for new glass. As a result, making glass from cullet consumes 40% less energy.

Anyone can recycle glass jars

You might be able to reuse your jars at home or you could put them in with your recycling rubbish collection. It’s not difficult to find a way to recycle your glass jars – if you want to find out what to do with glass jars where you live, your local council will be able to tell you how.

Glass jars are a great, recyclable resource that anyone can use to make a difference. You can browse our full range of glass jars here.


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