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How to choose environmentally-friendly packaging for your product

The issue of product packaging is an increasingly hot topic. A recent Mintel study identified that sustainable packaging choices are now a key consideration for retailers and green packaging is now a major factor for consumers when deciding which brands to buy from. Environmentally friendly packaging not only makes a positive difference to the impact that a business has on the natural world but will also help to strengthen bonds with consumers and demonstrate social responsibility. We all have a responsibility to make more environmentally friendly packaging choices – whether you’re a homebrewer or a national brand, the packaging you opt for really can make a difference.

A minimal approach

Big brands are now recognising the overuse of packaging habit that many companies have fallen into and beginning to strip back how much is used for each individual product. If you’re packaging up your own products at home then this perspective shift will be useful for you too. As well as saving money on the cost of packaging you will also have less to dispose of once the product is consumed. Start by looking at the packaging that is essential – you may need only a glass jar and a ribbon if you’re making jam to gift, for example. Protective packaging may be a consideration if you’re sending your products but whatever you opt for try to use as little as possible.

The benefits of glass

Glass remains one of the most environmentally friendly packaging options that there is. It not only looks great and has a high quality feel and finish but also has strong eco credentials, as it can be recycled and reused repeatedly without any degradation in quality. There are few (if any) other packaging options that can also make this claim. Glass is without a doubt the most sustainable choice and when you’re packaging up hand made products it’s often the best way to display the results of your hard work too. Plus, glass can be the optimum choice for containing products, as it won’t affect taste or quality or start releasing chemicals if left in the sun.

The option of cardboard

Often it’s the outer packaging of a product that is the most difficult to “go green” with. You may have six bottles of home brew to gift to someone else but need a container to carry them in. Cardboard is both convenient and environmentally friendly as an outer packaging choice. The key with cardboard is that, unlike most plastics, it can be recycled. So, cardboard packaging doesn’t end up in the bin – and then in a landfill site – but instead can be recycled, reused and turned into something new and useful. Whether you’re creating just a few bottles of home brew or you’re making home made pickles, preserves or jams for everyone you know, using glass bottles and glass jars is a great option for packaging your products in an environmentally sound way. Explore our great ranges of glass bottles and jars to find your perfect packaging.


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