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About us

Xuzhou Perfect Glass has established in 2010,possession 6 line production machines ,daily production quantity is 500,000 pieces .

With many years productivity experience on bottles mass production, which makes us not only focus on all kinds of glass products making ,sales with high quality,but also world widely export reliable suppliers.

We’ve integrates design development ,production and advanced technology.
That’s welcome by North American,South Korea,UK,Arabia countries,and South Africa buyers.

Our main products are glass vodka bottles,food grade mason jar,soft beverage drink bottle,cosmetic series, perfume bottles, pickle bottles,cans bottles, water bottle,Pharmaceutical,storage jar,honey bottles,Water bottle ,coffee bottles, health bottles, baby bottles, glassware, glass candle holder, etc.

30 multiple series of more than 1,000 varieties, new design shape develop and sample quality test by all kinds of artwork ,silkscreen, lettering frost, bronzing, spray painting,hot stamping ,polishing and other processing.

The company has fully automatic injection molding machine, the production of various specification and models of tin and bottle caps, wooden cap With the Strong mold workshop makes the sample production in the efficient and short time to meet customized request.

All the bottles has restriction on environment friendly accordance with official requirement.Our enterprise fully implements the policy of Quality First,reputation first.SGS,FDA certificated has passed.

with quality assurance and first-class; long-term reserve stock of supply.Powerful production must get marketing share,and lower our price will get win-win situation.


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